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This page is dedicated to first-time backpackers – solo or otherwise – who want to explore South East Asia on a budget mainly through overland travels, and even seasoned travelers who have been in this region but would like to relive their trips.


First off, information on just about everything has become easier through the years. A click of a button and you’ll find a plethora of information on travel alone. Streamline it further to South East Asia and you would still get a whole lot of information. Everything can be reliable based on your travel needs.


If you haven’t read about my story yet, about my “AHA” moment, you would be asking why I decided to write about my travel experience to the region I belong to.


My initial worries were diminished by the inspirational article I read about the reason we act a certain way – our own “WHY”s. The question posed was “What is Your Why?” Once you’ve answered that, you will finally have the confidence to make life-changing decisions.


I’ve read search forums with questions ranging from border crossings to what items to bring to advices besides asking for details about a particular place.


I learned a lot from that travel experience that I would never have learned had I not given in to wanderlust; thus, I would like to share it with you.


In my 48-page e-book entitled “TURTLE CROSSING SOUTH EAST ASIA, you will find articles and details that you wouldn’t find in one particular e-book or online article.


  • General information of each South East Asian country
  • About, See/Do, Sleep, Personal Recommendations, Fave Photos
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • Thailand – mid to north
  • Vietnam – north to south


  • Travel packing, planning, tips and hacks
  • Fave Photos
  • Personal recommendations
  • Bonus – border crossings, useful sites


  • Travel Checklist
  • Travel Organizer


E-book Preview:
Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone whom you think would need it (i.e. a daughter or son going on a gap year, a friend planning to visit all or any of the countries mentioned, etc.).


Purchase Details:

You can purchase your own copy for US$17 or Php 795. Pay using the below modes of payment:






If you are in the Philippines, you can purchase by following the directions HERE.
You may also purchase through Gumroad. Just click on the link below.


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