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I am Angel – The Curious Miss behind this blog.


I initially created this online journal to share random thoughts and anything that caught my fancy. Eventually, I found myself focusing on travel and personal finance. This kicked off late last year when I quit my job to backpack for almost four months in six South East Asian countries. That trip widened my perspective and opened my eyes to big opportunities. Now, travel becomes a constant longing to wander.


Personal Finance came naturally. I believe it runs in my blood despite my initial aversion to math and computations. I eventually loved math (although I still don’t get Chemistry and Physics!) when I became an accidental Accountancy major in college. Then, I worked in a global corporation reporting about the equities market.


After my trip, I learned about how money works through the investment and insurance industry which made me confident to deal with financial matters even more.


The truth is, we need to learn about personal financial management so we can afford the life that we dream of – including travel and retirement. I’m not there yet but I’m building towards that direction. Let’s build together by sharing our experiences here.


Coming home from backpacking, I promised to allot the remaining months of 2015 to pursue personal projects that I’ve been holding off for a while like writing a fiction novel and e-book guide, and organizing family matters before I move on to my 2016 plans.


So what’s in store for you?


TRAVEL and PERSONAL FINANCE posts usually on Wednesdays and Fridays. But I’m also including Musings and Monthly Spotlight.


MUSINGS will cover weekly features, stories or quotes to provide the needed boost of inspiration to start the work week.


On MONTHLY SPOTLIGHT, I will be featuring conversations, stories and interviews with people I admire and people whose life stories are worth emulating.


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